Hip to your Jive

When I was seventeen, I was convinced that I didn’t want kids. They were loud, smelly, and kind of gross, and I figured I would always be too busy writing poetry and getting piercings and going to drum circles to ever be responsible for tiny humans. I thought kids would stifle my personality – “cramp my style”, as it were. Yet here I am, ten years later, a stay at home mom with two adorable boys.

I have my husband to thank for that, mostly. I met him online six years ago, when I was a hippie with a fauxhawk who worked in a coffee shop and lived in an attic decorated with Christmas lights. One day I looked up and there he was, smiling nervously, with an adorable little boy in tow wearing a tshirt that said “Chick Magnet”. That little boy, who is now almost done grade two, stole my heart and convinced me that I could, in fact, be a mother.

Fast forward six years. My boys are loud, smelly, and kind of gross. They play with their food and laugh at farts and the baby puts dog toys in his mouth. But they’re also a ton of fun and occasionally hilarious and they make me happier than I could have ever imagined being at seventeen. And no, I don’t write poetry or go to drum circles anymore. But I do have other hobbies – I cook and cross stitch and play games and yes, occasionally still get piercings. I like to think I’m a cool mom, although I’m sure my kids will disagree in a few years.

The best part of having kids is sharing what you love with them. So I’m off to teach the munchkin how to play D&D.



1×01 Pilot

My biggest fear is writing all this down and nobody gives a damn. This is the first time I’ve had a blog since Xanga, and let’s be honest, that didn’t really count. At least, I hope it didn’t. I have a stack of 30+ journals under my bed but I haven’t written in a while, so here goes.

So what is this blog going to be about? Anything and everything, really. D&D adventures, parenting moments (no gross stuff though, promise), crafts I make, board games, book reviews, thoughts about being a step-parent, insights on living with depression, food experiments, and of course coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

Everyone always says that life is one big adventure – so here’s mine.